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Name:Happy Dancing Spammerssssssss
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Loyal. Loving. Fierce. Family.
This is a Twilight themed spamming community. Other fandoms are welcome, but our primary focus is on Twilight. More importantly this isn't just a livejournal community. Its a fucking family. We love the shit outta each other, and we got each others backs, and will pretty much be stuck with each other for the rest of our lives. Not that any of us mind.

This community also isn’t just a spam. We will have many interactive post, news about the Twilight movies and cast, picspams, graphics, etc.

Even Non-SRS BSNS Comms need rules!
Even though we are not a SRS BSNS comm we do have some rules. As long as you follow them I am sure you will enjoy yourself and make some great friends in the process.

#1 - No drama of any kind will be tolerated. If you have a problem with a specific member/comment/post you can either send one of the mods a PM or send a PM to the person themselves...whichever you feel more comfortable doing. Just please keep it out of the spam and other parts of the community.

#2 - This goes along with rule #1...Please do not say anything rude/judgmental/hurtful to any members. It is unnecessary and there is no need to hurt another member's feelings. If you have a problem with someone please use the solutions provided in rule #1.

#3 - This comm is very relaxed but it is NOT your personal journal. Please keep posts outside of the daily spam to a minimum. If you would like to post a movie download link/a graphics entry/a picspam/a poll/movie news/set pics/ or if you have a problem that needs immediate assistance and you think our members can help then feel free to make a post outside of the daily spam. Any outside posts need to be interactive for ALL members. When making a post please use our existing tags.

#4 - Regarding movie spoilers/set pics/movie news. Please keep these items OUT of the daily spam. Some of us would like to be surprised and don't want to see/read these things before the movies come out. Make a separate post for these items and put them behind a cut. Also please put SPOILERS somewhere in the entry to warn those who don't want to see spoilers.

#5 - We like to have fun in this community but we also need to keep some sort of order. If you do not follow these rules we will give you three warnings. After the third warning YOU WILL BE BANNED from the community. We do not want to ban anyone and we think these rules are quite easy to follow.

#6 - HAVE FUN!

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